The securities industry is working hard to define the needed regulatory changes for the T+2 implementation, targeted for Q3 2017. Firms need to start evaluating the impacts of the new two-day settlement cycle on their current technology and processes well in advance of the implementation deadline. Will your firm be ready?

Talisys has already incorporated real-time features, giving the system a dramatic advantage over the competition. While many other systems rely on batch processes and reports, Talisys provides real-time features throughout the system. Systems that only offer batch data and reports will put your firm at a disadvantage, since you will have to wait until after batch runs to know where you stand. For example, Talisys allows you to see your trade breaks on trade date, unlike systems that rely solely on batch processing and don’t show your trade breaks until T+1.

Talisys not only updates and displays data in real-time, but also connects to external third parties to provide real-time statuses for your firm’s back-office processing. This is essential functionality when moving to a T+2/T+1 world. A real-time system provides the ability to view and work exceptions in real-time, from the inputting of a trade, through comparison, and all the way to settlement.

T+2-The Talisys Advantage-Final