Institutional Training

Real-time institutional services provide critical data you need to efficiently manage inventory trading and monitor financial performance.

Trader View

Trader View is a robust platform, designed for complete inventory and trading management. It provides immediate updates on activity, positions, exposure, cash flows, and productivity. Traders can monitor multiple inventories and track realized and unrealized income within one view.

Institutional Delivery

Institutional Delivery and Affirmation empowers traders to focus their efforts on building trades. Accounts are automatically set up with account-specific instructions, enabling instant counter-party comparisons and minimizing human intervention, risk, and costly delays.

Trade Management

Trade Management allows you to monitor your firm’s trades in real-time and address any issues that arise. It provides a comprehensive, flexible interface to view RTTM/MSRB, UTC, and OCC. It also allows users to take action on RTTM trades such as resubmit, resend, compare, or DK an advisory in order to address any problematic trades.