Talisys. Fast Data. Clear Advantage

Strong foundation.

New era.

Process in Real Time

Talisys and its clients are capable of T+1 processing today.  And the Talisys Application Gateway integrates seamlessly with your technology so you don’t have to change your back office systems to process in real time.

Access Your Data Anytime

One relational database allows your front and back offices to create reports from every data field in every table as transactions occur during the day and historically. No more waiting; no more paying for access to your own data.

Buy Only What You Need

Choose comprehensive enterprise software or an individual solution module; run it yourself or have us run it for you; our client support is unparalleled and we provide fast custom coding if needed to support your unique business needs.

Run Leading-Edge Technology

Our Tier 3 Data Centers are unrivaled in our field, offering 99.982% availability. Our solutions are highly configurable out-of-the-box and incorporate an easy-to-use Windows interface, requiring minimal training.