Talisys is a national software and solutions firm that serves the front and back office teams of brokerages and broker-dealers. Our unique, real-time technology is vital to an industry where data is hard to find and high risk is inherent in a three-day settlement window. Our experienced professionals are deeply committed to the goals of our clients and the road map to their future. Company history info HERE.

Talisys delivers highly customizable software and solutions that process, track, and automatically settle securities transactions as they occur. We offer a complete books and records solution or individual modules and mobile dashboards that integrate seamlessly with your existing technology.

Our industry is at a crossroads. Regulatory changes are driving toward complete data transparency and near-immediate settlement. Technology that doesn’t move your business forward is holding you back. Talisys is the only real-time platform available, allowing for up-to-the-moment information when you need it most: during the trading day.

Securities processing is a bastion of batch manipulation from which our clients have broken free. Together, we stand at the forefront of the regulatory and technological evolution in our industry. Learn more about our latest projects and how Talisys and our clients are navigating regulatory changes HERE.

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The Most Powerful Dashboards in the Industry

Real-time mobile dashboards are fully customizable, giving you greater control over how you manage your book of business.


Automated Settlements provides a real-time interface to DTCC and Fed of equity & fixed income securities, delivering immediate updates on fail position and statuses.


Projections provide data today for cash needs tomorrow with live customer and dealer data and all feeds from DTCC files.


Manage and monitor risk in real-time during the day; track fails, commissions, margin call summary, inventory market value and more.


Drive better outcomes and manage your book of business more efficiently with customizable views and instant updates as transactions occur.

Retail Brokerage

Our mobile-enabled brokerage solutions integrate easily with existing front and back office systems to give state-of-the-art views of all your data in real-time.

Advanced Client Access

Clients and financial advisors have the ability to simultaneously view account information on a modern, attractive user interface. Our custom client UIs call Talisys services to display account updates and activity as they occur.

Wealth Management

Maximize productivity and empower your financial advisors with real-time information, robust reporting, and customizable views in an organized platform. Developed specifically for financial advisors servicing high-net-worth clients, our wealth management platform is the engine that drives superior client service and business growth.

Trading Tools

Talisys Trading provides everything your firm needs to manage the entire trade life-cycle. From trade entry through clearance & settlement, Talisys Trading automatically ensures the completion, compliance, and notification of each step, including exceptions.

Portfolio & Performance

Performance runs daily and front & back office applications update automatically so your teams are always ready with consistent account data. Drive productivity and improve portfolio management for your entire book of business with our complete offering.

Post Trade

Real-Time Stock Record

Navigate volatile markets quickly and easily with a live stock record.

Segregation Management

Manage and prioritize client holdings while maximizing collateral investments.

Cost Basis/CBRS

Pinpoint P&L with the latest regulatory requirements and real-time pricing.

Corporate Actions

Improve accuracy and minimize risk with a highly customizable solution that includes multiple firm-defined approval levels, work queues, and parameters.

Institutional Trading

Real-time institutional services provide critical data you need to efficiently manage inventory trading and monitor financial performance.

Trader View

Trader View is a robust platform, designed for complete inventory and trading management. It provides immediate updates on activity, positions, exposure, cash flows, and productivity. Traders can monitor multiple inventories and track realized and unrealized income within one view.

Institutional Delivery

Institutional Delivery and Affirmation empowers traders to focus their efforts on building trades. Accounts are automatically set up with account-specific instructions, enabling instant counter-party comparisons and minimizing human intervention, risk, and costly delays.

Trade Management

Trade Management allows you to monitor your firm’s trades in real-time and address any issues that arise. It provides a comprehensive, flexible interface to view RTTM/MSRB, UTC, and OCC. It also allows users to take action on RTTM trades such as resubmit, resend, compare, or DK an advisory in order to address any problematic trades.

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Talisys is leading securities processing for the broker-dealer market by delivering software solutions that enable straight through processing today. To accomplish this successfully, we need courageous people who are wicked smart, innovative, collaborative, and passionate.



With over 60 years of combined Securities industry experience, our Sales team is comprised of the same people who helped build the real-time Talisys platform over twenty years ago.