Real time, real value

TOP is a product suite designed to eliminate existing inefficiencies and issues without the need for a complete overhaul on your present system.

Through research and discussions with current clients and industry professionals; we noticed a multitude of problems that firms are facing on outdated systems. With that, came TOP.



TOP are web-based, point solutions that operate and update in real-time. TOP is system agnostic and will integrate seamlessly with your front and back office.


TOP leverages your current system eliminating the need for a full-blown conversion.


TOP is accessible from multiple browsers and mobile platforms displaying real-time, secure data that can be used to analyze and minimize risk in your day to day operations.

What is TOP

We wanted to create a platform that would enable firms the ability to remedy issues and inefficiencies without doing a complete overhaul of their current systems. During the development of TOP, every aspect was completed with the firm and the end user at the forefront.

TOP utilizes HTML 5 and is a web-based service allowing the capability to work on any device or operating system without costly implementation efforts.

Our Products

TOP is a suite of solutions created to increase the productivity and efficiency of your firm. In an industry plagued with outdated technology, TOP is the next generation solution set for tomorrow-driven financial firms. TOP solutions are web-based, system agnostic and scalable, providing your firm key intraday data at the click of a button.

All solutions are highly customizable with your firm's unique operational and business needs in mind.

TOP Corporate Actions

•Eliminate Paper Reliance
•Reduce Costs
•Mitigate Risks

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TOP Analytics

•Real-Time market data analysis
•Normalize data from multiple sources
•Customizable solutions to maximize profitability/reduce risks

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TOP Advisor

•Real-time data aggregation to streamline account management
•Customization of views to manage various business lines
•Comprehensive revenue reporting

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TOP Investor

•Easy to use interface
•Grouping feature allow investors to combine accounts
•Comprehensive revenue reporting

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TOP Settlements

•Automates the settlement process
•Real-time messaging interfaces with DTC & BNY
•Provides the ability to automate the approval process

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