Company History


Talisys develops TOP Products

Talysis develops TOP Products.


Talisys Access UI

Talisys launches a new, modern, and attractive client portal/website for Stephens Inc. Stephens goes live with the new website 12/6/16.


On to the Next

Talisys succesfully converts a Top 10, clearing, retail & institutional firm to system.


Talisys Point Solutions

Talisys rolls out industry-wide point solutions.

CSS rebrands to Talisys

CSS announces new company name and focus. The new corporate identity unites the company’s two business locations (Little Rock, AR, and Golden, CO) under a single brand, one of the outcomes of a strategic analysis and repositioning completed in 2013, following a change in the company’s executive leadership in 2012.


New beginnings

CSS goes through internal reorganization and adds a new executive leadership team.


SaaS gaining popularity

Two independent firms with combined assets of over $4 billion transition to CSS Service Bureau (Saas).

CSS Launches Service Bureau Solution for Securities Industry

CSS launches full-service platform supported by the first hosted environment in 29 years. The company’s single data source for all users eliminates the need for redundant data, multiple interfaces and data synchronization with disparate legacy systems built on 30-year-old technology. See detailed article in Bobsguide HERE.


Stephens Holdings Claims CSS

Consortium dissolves and Stephens Holdings becomes sole owner of CSS.



An independent, regional, retail & institutional firm converts to CSS books and records.


Committed to Improvement

To further improve the quality and efficiency of the system, CSS installed upgrades for all clients to be on the same code level. This significantly refined system maintenance and allowed company resources to proactively identify issues before releasing code.


Next Generation SPS

CSS launches its Next Generation Securities Processing Software: Q. Its legacy-interoperable technology enables brokers and financial planners to increase revenues, reduce costs, attract and retain key performers, streamline operations, manage compliance, and effectively plan for the future. See full press release HERE.



Top 10 clearing, retail & institutional firm converts to CSS books & records.


CSS Pioneering the Financial Software Industry

CSS announces release of first complete front-to-back office, real-time financial software package available to the brokerage industry on a Microsoft Windows NT Platform. The announcement marks the first time CSS is making the software package available to the commercial marketplace beyond the consortium companies that formed CSS. See full press release HERE.

Mutual Funds Processing

CSS begins processing Mutual Funds for the 2nd largest bank in the United States.


CSS Solutions Taking Off

Publicly-traded broker-dealer with $37 billion in assets under management (2015) converts to CSS Mutual Fund solution.


Microsoft Gold Partner

CSS earns the highest standards of Microsoft widely-recognized partnership program and becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner.


Microsoft Platform

CSS decides to adopt Microsoft as the platform for the system.


The dawn of CSS

A group of innovative technology and financial experts created Comprehensive Software Systems, Inc. (CSS), to offer the financial industry a system alternative to mainframe technology. With unprecedented forethought, the creators built a flexible platform that would meet changing industry standards for years to come, including 24/7 trading and straight-through processing.